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Booking Information

Booking information …

The 5 piece band cover two one hour sets with a break in between. (usually 20-30 mins break).

Fee for the 5 piece band starts at 1300 for in and around London venues.

Further locations at an additional accommodation /travel fee.

100 Deposit is usually required to secure the event date.

The booking includes full P.A sound equipment and Disco lighting and the band dressed in funky stage clothes for the performance.

All our equipment is regularly pat tested (electrically safe) & maintained. We have up to date P.L.I (Public Liability Insurance) & Risk Assessment documents which most venues will ask for these days.

Our DJ can be added to the cost and set up at an additional 150.

This option is contained within the band set up space (total minimum space required is 6 meters wide by 3 meters deep,

for band & DJ).

Our band & DJ option guarantees seamless fluent music from band to DJ to band again, covering the whole evenings entertainment from first dances to requests.

Our larger 9-10 piece band option includes brass section & additional singers for an even bigger sound & performance ! This size band is 2100. and is excellent value as most 5 piece bands start around 1800.

Seven T has the best technical equipment & sound quality also very professional levels of musicianship , so don’t be fooled by higher priced bands, it DOES NOT mean better ! It simply means they have hire costs or further to travel or maybe over priced!

Seven T is the most reasonably priced band on the events scene !

Our diary is booked well in advance so please email for


Read on for our Entertainment check list!

In 17 years of entertainment experience 7T have gained many useful tips which we would like to share with you to assure a lively and flowing party event !

We would like to share some of our most useful knowledge when booking a band or venue !

Here are some points you may want to consider when arranging entertainment.

Sound Limiter:

Firstly Always check for a Sound Limiter. Some venues will not mention this unless you ask. They can spoil a party and ruin equipment. They cut off the power supply when sound levels reach the programmed limit. (the lowest a band can usually cope with is about 100db) any lower and most bands will trip it at some point in the performance! it is always worth asking if a venue has had bands before, even though they will mostly say yes even if it was an acoustic string quartet! Ask what type of band. It is worth noting that some of the venues that have limiters often use a different power source so the band won’t cut out! (They bipass it, but this is of course an unspoken request)

An obvious yet overlooked venue observation is to note where the Bar is in relation to the band stage area. In our experience people mostly congregate around the Bar. If this is situated in another room it can effect the party dynamics.

If a venue is used to having bands then there is often easy access for getting equipment in. Although always good to check where the “Get In” is. This saves much time for the band the easier the get in.

Our set up time is about an hour. We allow ourselves at least 2 hours where ever possible. Bare in mind start timings if the evening function is in the same room as a wedding breakfast. Although the venue will tell you they can change the room around in an hour, often there is no space to even begin setting up band equipment until the most important tables are moved or a dance floor is laid first and the stage area is cleared! This can sometimes delay the bands set up unless the venue staff are on the case and clear the bands space first. We will always arrive in plenty of time to check out the “Get In” and set up before doing anything else to allow for stairs ,lifts etc.

Seven T are very efficient at setting up and completely noise free. No sound checks are needed as we line check the band only.

Acoustics of a room can alter the atmosphere sometimes. A noisy High Ceiling type room with no carpet can sound washy and Hall like. Although our sound equipment and experience can deal with any challenge ,if there is a choice we recommend carpeted ,dry rooms , marquees (outdoors) is always welcome! 7T’s sound will be amazing regardless !

If you are arranging your own DJ then bare in mind this is an additional space needed for them to set up in. The advantage of using 7T’s DJ is it all comes through one speaker system and is still contained within the bands stage area with no extra space needed. Booking your own DJ is fine but depending on what equipment they have may take up more space. This can and has worked very well in our experience for larger venues. An alternative DJ cannot connect through our speaker system unless we know them. Our DJ is also contained in our stage set up area too, using only the space for the band!


Email Mob: 07715 392 206


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