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Larry (Musical Director)


After having worked on many studio projects at Abbey Road and many other studios, chose to get back into the “Live Music” scene ,within the Soul Disco dance music periods of the 70′s 80′s & 90′s as a singer, by starting up another band in 1999!

Dance mixes created in Larry’s self built studio produced tracks finding their way into the British & European Club scene ,along with having written & produced various logos and commercial pieces of music from car ads to video released logo’s, like Universal and EMI, Larry was also a Musical Director of a string of theatre shows and from the late 90′s the MD of a band called Jai, signed to RCA New York, during the periods of 1996 – 2001. in which he performed as a keyboard/samples programmer & backing vocalist,

During which time Jai made a certain amount of success across the U.S.& Europe, reaching Number 1 in Italy, & a hits in other parts of Europe following many TV & Radio appearances in the U.K too. Breakfast T.V and more..

U.S. promotional performances on American TV from Rosie O’donald to Saturday Night Live, and endless radio shows across nearly every state in the U.S

performing U.S. tours across country & U.K live tours Supporting Gabriel, Olive, ABC, K.D.Lang….

As the song writing continues, the pop world industry are continuously presented with catchy hooks & melodies from solo writing to collaborations with various writers.

As a music producer of endless projects from Library music to TV commercials and other advertising. Larry has worked on all types of events putting a hand in on all levels from sound to technical spec.. His studio born knowledge collected from some of the best, at an early age pays off as priceless experience in many situations. The writing continues and up & coming artist development is also one of the things Larry looks out for, with a ton of experience on all levels has a lot to offer.

The band 7T was originally created and put together by Larry in 1999., based in London – Continuing to develop The band, & employing the best available quality musicians on the circuit, as to maintain a high discipline of professional ability, which allows him to produce the tightest Live sound , in any venue.

Having invested in a 6k Mackie Fusion Sound system, which can cater for up to 1,500 people, & with access to almost any other live equipment.

the results are the purest crisp sounds at an exciting level.!!

Adding various songs to the repertoire of this function band, collecting and programming every detail needed to re-create the original feeling of the classic hits!!

Creating detailed intros and endings in order to produce the professional impact of a fantastic Live show..

The best selection of musicians in Seven-T allows for the highest energy of pumping grooves to be expressed in a dynamic performance. Having performed from London to Greece to Spain the band can travel to any location in the world……..

Live Sound Engineer:

As part of a collection a talents , has also worked over the years as a live sound engineer for artists such as:-

Reef / Clif Richard / Barry Mason / Chesney Hawkes / Rosalla / Jose Gonzalez / Ed Sheeran / Katrina & the Waves / Vandergraff Generator / Goldray / Incognito /and many more….

Life coaching is also on the list ,with a client base of phobics to performers & actors to confidence & motivation solutions.. Having been trained by the best in the world, Paul Mckenna, Michael Neil, Dr. Richard Bandler, John Le valle.. Geniuses of our time ! Now a licensed master practitioner of NLP, which has many uses in the field of music and communication levels… With a knowledge of life changing techniques..

This has also been very useful in achieving the best results from musicians in the studio


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